Friday, September 14, 2012

Abnormal - yep, that's me

And so the saga continues ... I went for an eye exam awhile ago and was promptly referred to a specialist.  Apparently I have an abnormal optic disc as well as a very prominent clustering of blood vessels surrounding my optic nerve ... the initial concern was that there might be a tumour causing pressure on my eyeball.  So off to the specialist I went -- and they found ... NOTHING.  Well, they did confirm that I have an abnormal optic disc and plenty of pronounced blood vessels, but they found nothing else.

I was told that I basically have the optic disc/nerve of someone who has glaucoma ... the only thing is - I don't have glaucoma.  I've done all the relevant tests and nope, I don't have glaucoma - my eye pressure, etc. is all good.  

However, all of this said, there is a history of glaucoma in my family and so it's likely that my weird condition might eventually develop into glaucoma. Because of this, we have to keep a close eye (no pun intended!) on my eyes, the internal eye pressure, etc.

So I went in for an eye exam yesterday. Once again I was told that I have an abnormal eye, considering it's otherwise healthy. But to be on the safe side they're going to do some more testing (next week).  

Ugh.  It appears to be nothing (right now, anyways) but I can't help but think - what if it is something?  Something that maybe they just haven't discovered yet?  I dunno, I can't help but worry a little bit.  Especially since the vision in my left eye has been really bad recently (I woke up on September 7 and it was blurry - just like that, overnight).

I guess this is one of those times I should keep reminding myself of my motto ... everything happens for a reason.  We'll see (ha ha, pun intended that time!)

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